Friday, October 14, 2005

Statement of Philosophy

We feel that DougEddingsIsADouche needs a bit of an editorial basis.

It's not that we're blind loyalists when it comes to the Angels. We would have liked to see the Angels win Game 2 of the ALCS, but only if the win was fair and square. And we wouldn't have minded losing, particularly with our sloppy play in the early innings, as long as we were beat honestly. (When we were swept in the Division series last year by Boston we hardly bellyached at all.)

What we take exception to is the fact that the White Sox needed a thumb on the scale to beat our road weary boys. The unfairness, the umpire activism, the anti-American nature of the loss is what's bitter.

It would be like corpses voting for president.

Or turning firehoses on hippies.

Or being called the Second City, even though you're the third city in terms of population.

Considering your club's illustrious history, we would think that White Sox fans would want any sort of win or loss to be unimpeachable. Game 2 stunk of the most foul sort of victory.

Cheap, like a Southside woman.

I hope the rest of the series will go forward without a hitch. If it doesn't, the Black Sox moniker sure seems appropriate again.


Anonymous a separate douche said...

Hey man ----

Nice site, but shouldn't you also be starting for serving up the worst 0-2 hanger in recent memory? And to Joe Crede no less! With a base empty! Just throw 4 pitches in the dirt, he'll swing at one of them (probably the first one), and just have Josh remember to throw down to first, and it's all good. None of this ever happens.

Also, you kinda got on that White Sox fan for bad spelling, but you spelled "influential" wrong in the heading of one of your posts. You gotta clean up your own house first, dude!

7:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

second city is in reference to the reconstruction of the city after the great chicago fire.

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, now that I've read your blog, it all makes sense! It's all the city of Chicago's fault! It wasn't just one bad call, it was the fault of an entire city - or at least the South Side - and their history of corruption.

I'll admit Chicago politics are corrupt, and we did throw the WS back in 1919 (kind of the opposite situation to what you're implying happened), but really, if the city had been cheating and paying off officials at all since 1917, don't you think we would have won one WS between two teams in 88 years? Just accept that the guy made a bad call and move on. It's unfortunate that it came down to it, but the least the Halos could do is show up to the subsequent games ready to play.

Maybe you should quit bitching about officials and start a blog wondering about why your team just isn't as good as the White Sox.

2:06 PM  

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