Thursday, October 13, 2005

Craig Biggio Knew

Craig Biggio was sent up to bat for Clemens in the seventh after a one-out single by Ausmus. Biggio, who has been hit by a major league-record 271 pitches, leaned into the first pitch he saw from Weaver and it struck him near the left elbow. But umpire Doug Eddings ordered Biggio to stay in the batter's box, ruling that he did not attempt to get out of the way.

"I thought it was a great call," Weaver said. "Biggio got his elbow all the way to the outer third of the plate, and with that huge guard on his arm, there's no incentive for him to move. I'm pretty sure that pitch would have been a strike if he didn't put his elbow out there."

Biggio and manager Phil Garner argued with Eddings to no avail. Biggio then flied out to right field and slammed his bat in disgust before running to first base. Eddings pointed to the bat, signifying that Biggio would be fined for his actions, then ejected him for continuing the argument. Biggio threw his batting helmet away and at one point had to be restrained by third base coach Doug Mansolino. Garner was ejected moments later by Eddings.

"Maybe he read the article where I said that's never happened to me before," Biggio said. "I mean, I've had some that were questionable -- but, come on. I'm sitting on the bench all day, the guy throws a slider at you and it hits you in the middle of the batter's box. That was only my second ejection. I guess I'm a big troublemaker."

Looks like being a Douche is familiar territory for old Doug.


Anonymous Chris said...

So calling Biggio on his constant need to lean into pitches is being a douche? Blow it out your ass, as much as I would like to, it's crybaby fans like you that make it impossible for me to cheer for Angels.

7:39 AM  

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