Thursday, October 13, 2005

Activist Umpiring

But this was as nothing compared to Doug the Lung’s brilliant call in the inning 4. When the ball thrower hit the stick holder, Eddings deduced that he did it on purpose. From this moment on, Eddings had complete control of the game. His dismissal of the old person who came out to quibble with this call was masterful.

Or so Doug Eddings would have us believe. He was a strutting incompetent buffoon who described the strike zone as a fractal.

The warning in the 4th changed the game. Beckett was chasing the hitters off with fastballs around the head, 4 by the 4th, and then dropping the big curve; he couldn’t do that any longer. As a consequence the hitters were diving in. Everett’s homer was a consequence of his not worrying about anything inside. It also visibly freaked out Rodriguez.

He simply doesn't want to officiate the game, he wants to be the game. It's my opinion that he watched Naked Gun too much as a kid. It inspired him that the fat man with the pad could really save the Queen from a gun-toting Reggie Jackson and change the course of a game.

In politics thats called activist judges. The games should be decided by the players on the field, with guidance from those officiating. It shouldn't come down to rest on the shoulders of a douche bag.


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