Friday, October 14, 2005

Brooks: The Douche is a "Nice Guy"

Doug Eddings is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. He was a good friend during my days as a baseball broadcaster. But sadly, Eddings imploding on an important call was just a matter of time, which I'll detail in a moment.


I'm confident in that assertion after having talked at the time to his fellow umpires and supervisors. All of them would tell you that Doug was destined for The Show - despite what were obvious on-field shortcomings.

But being promoted to the major leagues as an umpire shouldn't be a popularity contest. And with that in mind, Eddings is an example of what is wrong with the umpire business. He was given an opportunity based more on his connections and personality than ability.

Sounds like Scabby la Douche is a product of the good ole boy network. Nice.


Blogger rowicz said...

I am a Red Sox season ticket holder and I had the pleasure of sitting next to a lovely woman from New Mexico, who was in town on business. We had a great conversation about baseball. When they announced the umpires she immediately grabbed her cell phone and called her husband to let him know that his friend, Doug Eddings, was behind home plate. She said Doug was a nice guy and the game proceeded. Terry Francona and Ron Gardenhire spent most of their day on the field questioning calls and barking from the dugout, all directed at Eddings. Gardenhire was eventually tossed. Since that day I have always taken note of Eddings and can state he is personally responsible for some of the worse calls I have ever seen in my long career as a baseball fan. I'm not just talking about Sox games or calls against the Sox. He is an equal opportunity screw up. CB Bucknor not withstanding Doug is probably the worst umpire in baseball.

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