Friday, October 14, 2005

I can answer all questions, it doesn't change the fact he's a Douche

John the Preacher said...

Is it possible for you to respond to a statement? All you do is try to make up some more bullshit and be funny. Your not funny. The play was very close. From the front it looks like he caught it, from the side it looks like it hit the dirt. I do not know HOW Eddings could have made that call, but it appears to be the right call.

Now will you answer anybody's comments or are you going to sit back and be a douche?

WTF. I have answered the questions. In the entire history of the prestigious blog I have been clear and forthright to my critics. Eddings is a Douche. If he thought the ball was in the dirt he should have called it as such. Period.

It was a close call and in close call situations it's incumbent upon those who are officiating to be exceedingly clear.

Scabby la Douche was anything but clear and decisive. If he was Paul would've tagged him out or made the throw to first.

As a fan I have the right to be angry and muddled and unclear. This is my blog, these are my opinions.

Enjoy them, or go sulk and buy the Douche a beer.


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