Friday, October 14, 2005

An Open Letter To Soxzilla

MotownSports Fan

Originally Posted by Buddha

People need to get a life. You could tell during the press conference that the guy was upset about what happened, I feel bad for him.

Dear Soxzilla -- if that's your real name.

I'm glad you feel bad for the douche. And I'm glad you picked up he was upset about his horrible call.

But the Douche feeling bad isn't enough. There needs to be consequences. There needs to be infamy. And suspensions and demotions. Sure this call helped your cause this time, but what about next time?

This site and the fan outrage that it has helped crystallize is to ensure that people like Scabby la Douche don't call another wide strike zone, or imagine another call.

This site is standing up for America and for our god given right to play an extra inning when the score is tied and your pitcher strikes the hometeam out.

Maybe you want to live in a country where people can just pretend that their action, or rather inaction doesn't have consequence. But I for one want to be a part of that shining city of personal responsibility and good sportsmanship called baseball.

If you stand with Eddings you're standing with those who shit upon Apple pies and grandma. If you stand with Eddings, you're embracing the Mulligan, the gimme. The cheap and unfought victory.

You sir say get a life, I say I have a life and I'm proud to be an American.


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