Friday, October 14, 2005

Douche Impostor

From Joe in MN:
Yea. I am Mr. Eddings. Thats really creditable. I am sorry that I may not have spelled everything right, I did not know that this was English class.

I am glad you responded. Oh, wait! You didn't. You just ranted on about how you thought I was the ump of that game.

Look at the reply again buddy. The ball skipped across the dirt (if you look at the side view). I am sorry you can not take a loss. No need to make up a website hating on an ump who made a questionable call. Shit happens. Get used to it buddy.

Maybe you should respond to what i said this time. That would be a nice change of pace.

Joe from MN pretends to be the Douche! Nice job asshat. But everyone knows Scabby la Douche's favorite familiar term for a man isn't 'buddy' it's 'dude' with the occasional leetspeak variation of 'd00d'.

It's those details that separate the men from the boys.

I would say that while you certainly have the innate incompetence, union rules would prohibit you from advancing in your douchey career. You'll have to wait until a labor dispute and then rise to where your full douchedom can be realized.

Watch the replays yourself. Come to the conclusion that several baseball pundits have: Eddings is a Douche.


Anonymous John the Preacher said...

Is it possible for you to respond to a statement? All you do is try to make up some more bullshit and be funny. Your not funny. The play was very close. From the front it looks like he caught it, from the side it looks like it hit the dirt. I do not know HOW Eddings could have made that call, but it appears to be the right call.

Now will you answer anybody's comments or are you going to sit back and be a douche?

4:19 PM  

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