Saturday, October 15, 2005

RedSoxLibertarian: Doug Eddings's History

Here are a list of articles on MLB games where Doug Eddings behaved inappropriately. I didn't link to situations where he was involved in a routine ejection. All these stories involve strange/inappropriate behavior or calls or accusations of being incompetent or the instigator. This seems like a pretty large display of incompetence. MLB needs to review this guy's employment status.

****I am now watching Eddings press conference. He is actually saying after seeing the replay he still thinks he made the right call. He would make a great New Orleans cop, able to(with a straight face) state facts that are clearly contradicted by video. (this one's from a fan blog complaining about Eddings performance in a specific game)
(I didn't realize Eddings was involved in that Wells incident that I blogged extensively about back in July).

I'm sure there are more than this, but this is enough to prove this guy shouldn't be umpiring a Royals-D'Rays game, let alone a LCS game.
Viva Scabby la Douche!

(I copied the whole thing -- but trimmed the URLs -- so people would know the extent of his douchebaggery)


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